Use TrustPay in online casinos suitable for mobile devices

TrustPay offers a reliable payment processing platform for those mobile casino gamers looking for added security and quick transactions.  Players can fund their TrustPay accounts with standard MasterCard or Visa credit cards, as well as Maestro, Visa Electron, or Visa Debit cards.  You can also fund your TrustPay account directly through your bank, provided that your bank is on TrustPay’s list of supported financial institutions.  Banks from Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic all comply and can be supported through TrustPay’s network.  All direct bank transfers from these compatible countries are in real time so the transactions are very fast.

A great online casino for gamblers using TrustPay:
Popular in Hungary, Slovakia, Chechia and Slovenia among others.
Royal Panda Casino, 100% welcome bonus up to €100. Gamble on pc or mobile phone /tablet.

This payment institution is fully licensed as a funding method under the PSD based out of Slovakia. TrustPay supports millions of people as a payment provider, specializing as a middle man between banks and mobile casino houses.  Many casinos and binary options trading sites approve of TrustPay as a viable funding source for real money accounts, including DuPont FX, Binary 21 Options Trading, Royal Panda Casino and Casino Luck.  Some online casino providers even supply special bonus incentives to players who choose TrustPay as their funding option.

TrustPay does not allow for withdrawals to be made from mobile casinos or options trading sites, but most sites prefer to distribute withdrawals via cheque these days anyway.  TrustPay is working on expanding their network of supported banks throughout Europe, with Croatia slotted to join the alliance.  On top of that, TrustPay has began to partner with exciting companies like Tatry Mountain Resorts to provide special loyalty incentives to customers, who can then enjoy a day on the slopes!  If you happen to reside in TrustPay’s ever growing network of countries, try them as your funding option for your mobile casino playing account.  You will not be sorry that you did! If you like to gamble with Paypal, check this page.